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DVD production of rare Vietnamese orchid specie... Joint-venture with Anaho Productions Inc.

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World Orchid Conference, Japan Grand Prix, Flora Bratislava,...

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Vietnamese orchid botanicum nomenclature versus plant taxonomy...

What We Do

Our founder Mr. Trần Kim, Khử, in the early 60's aiming to industrialize Vietnamese orchid to a lucrative market for his country, starts to collect orchid . His dream encountered a long and windy road to become nowaday a reality for orchidists from all over the world to rely on plant identification and scientific survey...




Archives & Mileage


1954. Collecting Vietnamese exotic orchid as hobyist.

1969. Acquired 160,000 square meters at Thu Duc, Saigon. Built up SAIGON ORCHIDS as trade name once, now it becomes a brand name, internationally.

1971. Start up orchid business, import plant of Vacherot et Lecoufle, from France; Jones&Scully, Stewart Orchid, Exotic Orchid, from USA; Vipar Orchid from Thailand; Singapore and Philippines. Under supervisor of: Sir Duong Van Minh.

1972. Flora botanicum nomenclature study from various in nature excursion of Lam Dong, Pleiku and Ha Tien Province. First in vitro culture of genus Rhynchostylis gigantea in quest for alba forma.

1975. Tran Kim, Khanh as C.E.O. and Tran Khanh, Tuan as C.M.O. of Saigon Orchids.



Few Words About Us


Trần Kim, Khử: Owner&Founder
• Trần Kim, Khanh: C.E.O.
• Trần Khanh, Tuấn: C.M.O.

Founded since 1971 Saigon Orchids&Flora (SOF) made its name through collecting, propagation, hybridization of rare orchid species. The unique and most reliable orchid professional in Vietnam, we made a path, leaved a trail and nowaday SOF becomes a highway for orchid lovers from all over the World. Read more... about how we are being a pathfinder, "malgré nous!"

1983. Exhibition at Flora Bratislava in Praha, Tchekoslovakia, under Artex Saigon, a Vietnamese government company.

1989. Inauguration of Saigon Media by Tran Kim, Khanh, a representative office of Saigon Orchids, in Tokyo, Japan.

1991. Great turning point for the orchid world. Mr.Tran Kim, Khu and Tran Khanh, Tuan rediscovered the long lost myth legendary genus: Paphiopedilum delenattii, unveilling many more new varieties of Paphiopedilum genus, it (the discovery) shook the world for more than a decade. Also the evenment incited poaches and smuglers come from all over the world... Read more...

1992. Name changes to SAIGON ORCHIDS&FLORA. Why?

1993. Exhibition at All Japan Grand Prix Orchid Festival, Tokyo, Japan. Successfull even, internationally acclaimed and renowed, but... embryonated the wrath of an empire that shows up later in 2003.

2003. Exhibition at World Orchid Conference, Paris, France. But had to abort at the last minute. Read more...

2006. October18th a big bad day for SOF, our most precious beloved wife and mother passed away... in memoire of her we made a Cattleya hybrid named, BLC. Mem. Mme Nguyen Thi Ba, SEE PICTURE...

2009. In the process of inaugurating a representative office in San Francisco, USA by Tran Kim, Khanh.

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SAIGON(1971) - TOKYO(1989) - SAN FRANCISCO(2009)

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